St Jakobshalle

Basel, Switzerland

About the arena

The St. Jakobshalle is owned by the Canton of Basel-Stadt. Located in the middle of a Park and recreation area, the St. Jakobshalle offers a variety of rooms on more than 22,000 m². The multifunctionality of the halls allows events of all kinds. From 2016 to 2018, the St. Jakobshalle was completely renovated and modernized. A large foyer, new multi-purpose rooms, state-of-the-art event logistics and, above all, the expansion of the arena’s capacity to over 12,000 spectators are important components of the renovation.


Capacity (largest event room): 12,800
Number of events per year (in the largest event room): 80
Number of events (total): 120
Number of spectators/participants per year (in the largest event room): 380,000
Number of viewers/participants per year (total): 420,000

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