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Founded in 1991, the EAA represents 38 arenas in 19 European countries that operate some of the world’s leading venues, hosting unrivalled programs with outstanding artists, productions, sports and corporate events.

Arenas are the central component in an ecosystem of event-related activities bringing together a long chain of interlinked service providers who are all essential for artists and athletes to perform in front of Europe’s audiences.

Arenas of today are deeply embedded in local communities, embracing all audiences and bringing people together around the positive values of sport, music, performing arts, and all other genres of live entertainment.

Looking to the future arenas must continue to develop and embrace change. Ongoing digital development will be at the heart of development, but they must also embrace resilience and build the environmentally sustainable operating models that will be demanded by fans, regulators, and key stakeholders.

The EAA exists to represent the broadest interests of its members so that they can grow healthy thriving businesses both in the world of today and tomorrow.

As a leading authority on Arenas in Europe, we are committed to building networks, industry alliances and engaging proactively with regional and national policymakers as well as the European governing bodies to ensure we have a strong voice as well as a seat at the tables of influence.

The EAA aims to be a beacon of best practice and knowledge sharing in all areas of business, especially regarding supporting the cultural and environmental well-being of future generations, our customers, our employees, and wider society.

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