Unipol Forum

Milan, Italy

About the arena

The Unipol Forum, is the main covered multi-purpose venue in Italy, and hosts the biggest shows, music and sport events and congresses. It was constructed in 1990 with an innovative project (European Architecture Award for Sporting Venues 1994 “with particular regard to safety issues”). It has a volume of 450,000 cubic metres, a covered area of more than 40,000 square metres, a central arena that can host up to 15.800 spectators over three levels, as well as a VIP area with corporate boxes.

Unipol Forum, standing as one of the main multi-purpose venues in Europe. It is managed by the ForumNet Group. The Unipol Forum, is also the only cardio-protected large venue in Italy, 24 hours a day, thanks to the presence of 6 state of the art defibrillators. More than 1,900,000 people visit the Unipol Forum, every year.

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