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Kombank Arena, Belgrade Became Belgrade’s trademark and one of the new symbols of the Serbian capital, as well as the place of interest for the visitors to our capital and the country. It is a facility that fully meets the latest standards and it is at the highest technological level in Europe. This extraordinary building was the work of architect Vlada Slavica, and the investor was the Belgrade City Assembly Secretariat for Sports and Youth.
The Kombank arena complex consists of three units: a large hall, a small hall, and the parking space.
The large hall covers the area of 48 000 m2 and has six levels, the seating capacity of 20 000 - 25 000, depending on the event to be held.
The small hall covers the area of 2 275 m2 on two levels; the over-all dimensions of the hall are 30 x 60m and it serves as the ancillary facility that is used for athletes preparation and training. It was designed as the facility where the athletes can warm up and then, through the underground pedestrian walkway, under the road on the South, go to the large hall. The field in the small hall is 29.20m x 43.70m and the height of the hall is 10m. It is possible to divide it into two basketball fields (with wall mounted basketball hoops). With all its ancillary facilities (4 dressing-rooms, cafe bar, gym, reception desk, and 1 cargo lift connecting these two levels), it can operate as a completely independent unit.

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