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Saku Arena, Talinn Which opened in November 2001, is the largest arena in Estonia. It's the only multifunctional venue for concerts, performances, sport competitions, trade fairs and many other events. Its four levels total 13,220 m2 in area and can accommodate up to 10,000 spectators; 7,200 of them in seats. It's situated near the heart of the city and it provides comfortable parking. Public transport stops are just in front of the Arena.
There is a constant flow of exciting activities and everyone who loves culture and entertainment should be able to find something they like.Many of the worlds great artists and shows have performed at Saku Arena REM, Depeche Mode, Riverdance, Mamma Mia, David Copperfield, Deep Purple, Rammstein, Roxette, Brian Adams, Ray Charles, Mark Knopfler, Phil Collins, Pink are just a some of them.

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