The EAA was founded over 20 years ago and today represents 34 leading European arenas across 21 different countries dedicated to hosting the most innovative and popular entertainment in Europe.

Stockholm Globe Arenas, Stockholm The Globe was built in record time - in less than 2 1/2 years - and all of Sweden followed the construction work with great interest. On the 19th February, 1989, it was time to inaugurate the white’ pearl’. Ever since, the Globe has been the world’s largest spherical building.It’s unique shape has become a symbol for Stockholm and Sweden alike. Each day people from all over the world come to look at this curious architecture with its clever construction solutions. For example, the arena can very swiftly be transformed from an ice hockey rink to a gala dinner hall, or from a show jumping arena to a rock concert arena.The events take place rapidly, one by one. The Globe welcomes approximately 1 million visitors each year spread over 130 days of events. The largest audience is still the one at Bruce Springsteen concert on June 17th in 1992, 16,337 people came to the Globe that day!

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