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Olympiapark, Munich Until Dezember 2009 the venue of the 1972 Olympic Games, the Munich Olympic Park, with its still unique architecture registered a total of just over 178,2 million visitors, out of which 25.5 million attended 2267 sports, cultural and commercial events which took place in the Olympic Hall during this time. It glitters, shimmers, shines and keeps surprising you with yet another effect. With its ability to keep changing, the Olympic Hall is unique. The interior of the hall is forever changing to suit the sequence of events.
For example, there is the installation of the cycling track and catering facilities for the 6-Day Race or the production of the ice surface for Holiday on Ice. Then there is the stage for concerts or tonnes of material for motocross or horse shows.
The Olympic Hall has seen countless numbers of world stars and new ones come every year. When Joaquin Cortes dances flamenco here, the air is electrified. And when David Copperfield begins with his wizardry, Munich ' s biggest event location transforms into a magical circle that puts all the visitors under its spell. The Olympic Hall has as many faces as its events.
The voices of B.B. King, Eric Clapton, Anastacia, the Rolling Stones or Luciano Pavarotti can be heard amplified by the highly sophisticated control desk. With thundering applause Munich 's young people pay tribute to their cult groups "Backstreet Boys" and "Westlife". Sometimes it is a classical concert and opera arena, for example for "La Traviata". Sometimes it is a sports arena: Tennis with serves at 200 km/h alternated with dunkings during the European Basketball Championship.
During the World Judo Championship fighting scenes followed gentle pas-de-deux. Crazy events, comedy and creativity. Dreams. Sensational and soulful events. In glowing colours and continually in a different light. Its fascinating technical design, sophisticated logistics and perfect organization are what make the Olympic hall in Munich so popular internationally. And there are only a few sites that can present so many contrasting activities to their public with such technical ease in such an attractive framework.

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